It’s a cliché because it’s true.

While it might mean different things for different people, for me it’s meant learning some important (albeit painful) lessons about five concepts that are usually associated with a friendship or romantic relationship:

  • (self-) pride,


In June this year I landed my dream job. Filled with excitement after receiving the news, I also felt a strange and unexpected pit in my stomach.

I remember it well — it was late on a Friday night (too late to call my parents). It was also in the…

All my friends know: I love honey. After returning from vacation I came back to the office to find my desk covered corner to corner in “I love bee vomit” stickers (thanks, guys). So imagine my excitement when I realised that the blockchain could help save the bees (and you and me from food fraud).

As consumers become more health conscious, the demand for honey and honey products increases. Since 2007 global exports of honey have increased by more than 60%. So why then are so many honey producers going out of business?

While the demand for honey has skyrocketed…

Julia Janks

Bee and Blockchain Enthusiast

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